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For hundreds of years, several people have considered foot massage as a means of achieving well-being and health the natural way. Various cultures throughout the world, specifically those that are more keen on alternative and traditional medicine, perceive massage and foot spa as a means of relieving pain and promoting general wellness.
Foot reflexology, for instance, incorporates the application of pressure on certain points located on the feet, which help stimulate balance of energies in corresponding parts of the body.



                                                                                      Beauty that’s naturally you.
   Foot Spa.

Is time to cool your heels and pamper your feet. Athena Beauty & Spa Centre, offers amazing regimes for foot care. Their services range from a soothing scrub, to a spa pedicure leading your feet to perfection up to a relaxing re-balancing massage which will lift you to… heaven! Whichever treatment suits your fancy, it will not only abate the soreness of tired feet but will also give a relaxing feel to the entire body, especially when it’s done by a skilled practitioner.

Foot Spa Benefits.
Foot spa strengthens blood circulation, decreases blood pressure, improves skin tone, relaxes muscles and stimulates the immune system. It beneficially affects the human psyche as well as, eliminating anxiety, tension and depression. When relaxing in a foot spa, the brain releases endorphins that ease the pain, which have an overall relaxing effect and induce a good mood.

The foot spa and hydrotherapy promotes rehabilitation after physical sport and exercise.     
A hot soak along with a massage diminishes lactic acid that can build up in the muscles during an activity, causing stiffness and pain. A foot spa also has a healing benefit - apart from other things, it helps in the treatment of arthritis and rheumatic pain.
The regular use of foot spa can even help avoid problems with insomnia.

Foot scrub Benefits.
Too much walking can cause dry patches on feet, resulting to calluses. A foot scrub gently exfoliates and softens rough portions while increasing blood circulation. The treatment usually begins with the feet soaked in gentle and often fragrant solutions that prep rough and thickened skin for sloughing. Peppermint and lavender are some of the most popular foot soaks available today. For a more soothing effect, try an aloe-based foot soak.
After a few minutes of soaking in warm water, the treatment zooms on softening the rough spots with a pumice stone or foot file. This procedure pays special attention to the heels, balls of the feet and toes.
Finally, the feet are coated with moisturizing lotion.


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